A Taste of Knott's

Hello everyone out there in Quarantine Land !

Just thought I'd drop in to let you guys know of a great way to unleash your inner foodie while staying safe and socially distant!

Knott's Berry Farm has reopened its gates to let So-Cal residents take in the taste of all the fun and delightful dishes they have to offer.

First things first - it is such a great deal! Knott's has taken amazing precautions to keep their guests safe. Temperature checks when entering the park along with mandatory masks when not sitting and eating.There is also a mask free zone over by the mystery lodge and shaded seating in most locations. Every few steps there are hand sanitizing stations and there seems to be a whole round of crew who just wipe down surfaces and refill the dispensers.

The price for Adults is $30 for 5 tastes of ANY of the venues they have open during this event. Trust me - 5 may not seem like a lot but with pretty decent portions, you and a friend could fill up on ALL the goodies they provided this season. From shrimp tacos and margaritas, Boysenberry pork-ribs and mac'n cheese pizza, rainbow "Unicorn" slushies as well as giant ice cream cookies - I promise there will be something for everyone to try!

I made a list over the 2 days I went and I thought I would share some of the highlights of my favorite dishes with all of you in the Destination Network Family. Remember if you happen to go and try any of the Tastes of Knott's, make sure to tell me your opinions too!

So the first I tried were the Tater tots with Jackfruit or BBQ Pork - of course I tried both. Definitely had a small kick to them and decent portion of food it definitely shareable! It was solid 8/10 for me.

By far was the best drink was the Watermelon Lemonade. It was a taste of summer in a sip! 10/10 Gold Star!

So a fun finger food is the Boysenberry Pie Bites a gooey sweet powdered sugar mess (don't forget your napkins!) it was almost more muffin then pie with a nice moist center. 7/10 Best sweet treat of the day!

Okay so when I went to the Taste of Calico to try their sangria and their beer it was all pretty good but OMG! This new Boysenberry Margarita wins 11/10 best drink of the alcohols! Its not too strong and it tastes like a tropical vacation! As a bonus if you order it on the Boardwalk, you can see some of the entertainment from Knott's!

There was a decent BBQ Pork with coleslaw sandwich there which was a solid 7/10. Solid meat and perfect with cabbage ratio with possibly too much bun for me - I have been watching my weight though so.... Knotts has really upped their meat game in areas besides chicken!

Lastly, the Boysenberry Mint Aqua Fresca was amazing as well and super refreshing especially during this heatwave! Think of it like a Boysenberry Mint Julip! 9.5/10

I think that is it for the Taste of Knotts Top List!

I may update again if I take another trip down there. What were your thoughts?

You never know, the call of the wild west really does beckon you to its doors!

Stay safe and remember there's no harm in expanding your taste buds boundaries, take a risk and try something new! You never know - you may find your new favorite food!

Signing off,

Your Food Guide to the West

Patrick O'Connor

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