You may be asking yourself- WHAT!?!?! Avengers Campus just opened and it needs saving already! You're right it does - but it may not be what you think so follow along!

Avengers Campus opened officially on June 4, 2021 after years of anticipation at Disney California Adventure. Here you can join Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Antman and the Wasp, Iron Man, Loki, and so many more amazing characters inside this new Marvel of a land. There is also some amazing new food options available here including Pym Test Kitchen (featuring IMPOSSIBLE) and the Pym Tasting Lab for your booze and brews. The classic offering here though has to be the Shawarma Palace (and Shawarma Palace 2) where you can get that classic Chicken or Plant Based Falafel Wrap. But enough about the food - let's talk about saving Avengers Campus!

One of the main sights to see when entering the Campus is the W.E.B. Workshop Building. If you haven't been briefed, here's the quick download version: W.E.B. stands for the Worldwide Engineering Brigade and it is here where you will find some of the amazing young minds of today putting their knowledge into creating new technology to help the world. We have been invited to an Open House to see some of the newest discoveries including web fluid (more on this later). You may recognize a few names including Peter Parker. Peter has worked with his team and created a new creature called the Spider Bot. This little "bug" is supposed to be for helping us but instead it seems to have other plans.

The Spider Bots have decided to begin self-replicating which causes Peter to panic and cancel the open house. We are already inside so he asks us to help out in controlling the spider bots. This is where you come in to SAVE AVENGERS CAMPUS!

As you get ready to board your W.E.B. Slinger Vehicle, you will see notes from Spiderman (and Peter) on how to aim and shoot your own webs using his specially formulated web fluid. This web fluid allows you to sling your arm and have a personal web shoot out at targets and those ever increasing Spider Bots! If you want to interact more (and achieve a higher score), you may purchase a separate WEB Slinger attachment for yourself. Each attachment requires a base model and then has 2 different extensions you can get in 2 different designs. Overall if you wanted to buy all of these items, you would have 5 items total - the one base unit and 2 each of the web shooters or ion cannon repulser. Each attachment has a different function and can enhance your skills and score based on what you are wearing. The base unit alone doubles your score which can be a big advantage if you are a competitive person like me.

Once you are inside the building, you will need to grab your protective goggles and board your vehicle. Here you will be seated in groups of 4 to go and defend Avengers Campus. Your WEB Slinger Vehicle will assist in transporting you around Avengers Campus to battle the spider bots - or rather trap them with your webs. Starting at the loading dock of the WEB Building and seeing the havoc created you will then move through to the Pym Test Kitchen to see the damage the spider bots have done. Note how different spiders have different colors here.

HINT: green and gold are worth more points! Next you move on to the collectors fortress where the Guardians of the Galaxy are on display but you won't be seeing Starlord here - just Spiderman trying to help you round up those bots. Lastly you enter into the main Avenger Campus hanger and after some mishaps with some Pym Particles, you face off with one of the largest Spider Bots yet! It's almost as big as the Quinjet!

After all is said and done, you have helped save Avengers Campus and you can see your score to see how you rank up with your peers both inside your vehicle and for the entire day. Spiderman thanks you for your help and you are free to explore the Campus once again without those pesky spider bots around - or are they still lingering...

If you are interested in visiting Avengers Campus and saving the day yourself - like the superhero you are - contact me today for your free quote:

Until next time - keep being awesome and have a magical day!


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